I use the notes app on my phone to jot down moments as they happen so I don't forget anything. Here are some random lines I have written. Remember these are just notes, not a masterpiece 👻
  1. Miss Rebecca at the art store
  2. I told the truth and just said I couldn't and wouldn't.
  3. Walk the moon - Portugal
  4. Weis man with flowers. On the phone. Smiling.
  5. And the wine is bottled poetry
  6. It has been years since we were in the same time zone. Miles separate us now. A long silent void.
  7. What's done is done. What's gone is gone.
  8. Girl washing my hair at the salon. Talking about traveling. She wants to travel more but doesn't have money. Said she has family in Florence that she never met. Said she likes culture and seeing the world.
  9. Talking about our future dreams
  10. Singing Dreaming with a Broken Heart in the car