New Jersey is a divided state, whether it is North Jersey, South Jersey, the Jersey Shore, or the debatable Central Jersey. But no matter what, no matter what corner of our state that we are from, we still manage to come together as one. We love New Jersey and we are proud of our little, yet diverse, state.
  1. Main Street Hackettstown
    One of the quietest and cutest main streets in the northwest corner of the state. Stella G's is the most charming little Ma and Pa cafe that I can't help but go to at least twice a month. And every once in a while you may stumble upon a note taped onto the old, black, front door that reads "Gone to Switzerland for some culinary inspiration. Be back soon."
  2. The After, Flanders
    The name says it all. It is best diner and ice cream spot to go to 'after' a sporting event, prom, or high school graduation. The memories of a clear, warm summer night, eating vanilla soft served ice cream with rainbow sprinkles at the table in the front corner, watching the sunset and cars drive by on route 46 will live with me forever. It is the heart and soul of Mount Olive and you will only truly know the feeling of this place unless you have lived in this town all your life.
  3. Red Bull Arena
    It is smacked in the middle of Harrison, overlooking the New York City skyline, the magical skyline that has kept me dreaming all my life. The smallest, yet best part of this whole stadium is the post-match walk down the outdoor flights stairs with the crowds of people leaving all at once, and you look out to your right and see the shining lights in the distance, and in that faint moment you realize you are so incredibly lucky to live right next to the greatest city in the world.
  4. Main Street Boonton
    This is the Main Street that I spent many of my middle school nights in the winter, listening to my brother sing and play guitar with his band at The Canvas Clash; a bedroom sized music venue for underground bands wishing to emerge into the spotlight of fame. I remember so vividly, leaving the venue at the end of the finale and heading down the street to Temptations Coffee Shop and ordering the usual cappuccino or hot chocolate to warm myself up from the cold, winter degrees.
  5. Hacklebarney State Park
    Now, Jersey is not home to mountain ranges or wide river valleys in well known National Parks, but our state parks are hidden gems. Hacklebarney has gentle, flowing streams with the best boulders to sit on and watch the day slowly turn to night over the glistening water.
  6. Donaldson Farms, Mansfield
    The farm just around the corner that I have been going to ever since I was born. The memories of picking out the perfect pumpkin days before Halloween on a crisp fall evening. The memories of apple picking with my family and eating more apples than we actually gathered that day. The memories of spontaneously navigating through my first corn maze and being quite surprised it was so easy to master. I'll never forget this farm I love so much.
  7. The bakery and pie shop in Hammonton
    Hammonton is a quaint town smacked in the middle of south jersey. About 4 times each year, we make the 2 hour drive down to the EDP tournaments and always pass the bakery and pie shop right next to the turf farm. We don't really know the name of it, but if you have been to Hammonton before, you certainly know what I am talking about. The aroma of the fresh baked pastries in the place is magical and makes me want to keep coming back every time.