1. I am impatient when it comes to things that should be easy
    I got worked up over the printer ink not functioning properly when I was relying on it to print out a 50 page packet. The printer really let me down in a dire moment of need, and I just about HAD IT. I left it there to fix it's own dirty ink tray problems and never looked back!
  2. I don't speak up when I need to
    In my mind, I want to say something but I oftentimes back down and keep my mouth closed.
  3. I am never going to be good at on-the-spot questions
    I need time to think the question over and over in my head until it is forever sketched into my mind before I can think of a worthy enough answer.
  4. Panicking in high stress situations
    I have a fear of making mistakes and being shamed for it.
  5. Quiet. Introverted. But hates feeling lonely.
  6. I have different personalities with different people
  7. I am too modest with who I am or who I am trying to be