There is a lot but I will keep it short for now ✨🌸☔️
  1. Bad grammar
  2. Negativity
  3. Smoking and doing drugs
    If I was in love with someone and they told me they do any of these things, I would end it immediately...sorry.
  4. Being TOO into oneself image
  5. Nike mid calfs with dress shoes or sperrys
  6. Being just plain boring
    Where is the emotion? Imagination? Substance to your personality? I need to be able to talk about the weird stuff and have it be a two way street of back and forth ideas.
  7. A total slob
    From how he presents himself to what his bedroom looks like
  8. Rude to strangers
  9. Making fun of other people
  10. Eating loudly
  11. Excessive tapping on a table or the clicking of a pen
  12. Excessive cursing