Currently up in the air, slowing encroaching upon Colorado and Wyoming. Heading out west to California, about 3 more hours to waste some time.
  1. Read that summer reading book that you have procrastinated on up until this point.
  2. Listen to some of your favorite songs. They sound best while flying and looking out the window at the world.
    This one goes out to @john ❤️ I am currently listening to On The Way Home and coincidentally I am not on my way home
  3. Play pacman and hangman on the mini televisions and hope that you don't get bored too soon
  4. Stare at the map of the plane and watch it slowly move from state to state
  5. Uncomfortably sleep away the boredom
  6. Eat sour patch kids instead of having an actual lunch because why the hell not
  7. Cry because wifi is 11 dollars
  8. Cry because you brought your laptop to watch movies but the wifi for 30 minutes is 11 dollars and the only other option is 39 dollar wife for the rest of the flight
  9. Stare at your depressed face in the reflection of your laptop
  10. Sleep again
  11. Listen to the same 50 John Mayer songs again
  12. Contemplate reading again
  13. Cry