1. I never hold a grudge
    Honestly, if you have ever been mean to me, I probably forgot or don't really care. I want to be friendly with everyone. I don't have the effort to be petty about it. (I hate the word petty so much)
  2. I lie when I say when I am okay to spare other peoples feelings
    I have a fear of making someone else's life more difficult. I usually say everything is perfectly fine so that person does not have to worry about me.
  3. I don't get angry
    Maybe annoyed and frustrated but never angry. I am incapable of this emotion for some reason.
  4. I really don't know what the hell love is or how to love in extremes
    Seriously what is it because I want to know
  5. I am SO happy
    Semi lonely but do I allow myself to have the emotions to really CARE. nope. I'm young and should be happy as hell right now...at least that is what I tell myself.
  6. I become extremely obsessed with a something quickly but for things that I don't find interesting but need to do, I procrastinate unbelievably.