1. Everything I have to do the next morning
    Clothes, hair, homework, study, marauder madness, what classes I have
  2. How good the sleep I am about to get is
  3. How terrible it will be to have to wake up early
  4. Wondering why I am so incapable of math and if I will ever achieve something in Algebra
  5. Man, am I thirsty...but the fridge is too far
  6. How much sleep I will get
  7. How much longer till I actually fall asleep
  8. Realizing how small Earth is
    Earth is literally the size of a peanut when compared to the other planets in OUR solar system...when there are millions of other galaxies out there besides our own. There is not a chance that we are the only humans in the universe, just the only humans we know of now based on our limited search.