I missed it by a few years, born in 99.
  1. They had some great STYLE "LOOKS"
    The matching track suits. The mini skirts. Tight crop tops. Chocker necklaces. Skinny and silky scarves that went with tee shirts. Baggy and flared jeans. Army colored cargo pants. Puka shell necklaces. And for the guys, THE DOUBLE POLO SHIRT WITH THE COLLARS FLIPPED UP. ICONIC.
  2. The best movies and TV shows were filmed
    Cheaper by the dozen, cheaper by the dozen 2, kicking and screaming, a cinderella story, one tree hill, gossip girl, and many many many more.
  3. John Mayer was on the rise @john
    I wish I was old enough to go to his early concerts and experience each album release starting from 2001. At that time I was only 2 years old so I am very late to the fan club.
  4. There was barely any technology
    Having no technology made hanging out with people and living so much more spontaneous and free. I wish it was acceptable now a days to walk to a friends house and knock on their door without having to text them. There was also no technology in school, they got to learn the normal way!
  5. Making mixed CDs or buying CDs and getting to collect or organize them in that huge binder
    Id rather listen to it through the mp3 player or rebelliously getting it free from napster or lime wire
  6. Using the kodak disposable cameras instead of having your phone for all the pictures
  7. One word. BLOCKBUSTER.
  8. AOL instant messenger
    Because why the hell not