1. Classic pizza promposal. Katy will be out of class any second now. She will see I did the bare minimum, and I am good.
  2. How did those guys at the pizzeria allocate the space properly? Let me check it-
  3. Oh.
  4. Oh no.
  5. The pepperonis spell "Porm?"
  6. I can't ask Katy to go to Porm with me.
  7. Quick, Brian, swap the "O" pepperonis with the "R" pepperonis.
  8. I can't lift the pepperonis without lifting all the cheese.
  9. This is a good pizza. The pepperonis are baked into the fabric of the pizza.
  10. I skipped 8th period to pick this thing up.
  11. I was too nervous to notice it at the pizzeria.
  12. I just took a quick look and noticed all four correct letters were there.
  13. The order of letters is so crucial though.
  14. I could go back to Antonio's and demand a properly-spelled pizza.
  15. But then you'll miss Katy in the parking lot.
  16. And if the rumors are true, Neil Matthews is going to try to ask her, and I think his dad knows sky-writers.
  17. My dad only knows other dads.
  18. Sky-writers wouldn't write "Porm" in the sky. They probably have proof-readers.
  19. Oh man, the bell just rang. She'll be out here any second.
  20. Hide the pizza. Just ask her with verbal words.
  21. Just don't say "porm."
  22. Now it's in my head.
  23. Prom. Prom. Prom.
  24. Porm.
  25. It sounds so dirty.
  26. Probably because it sounds like Porn.
  27. She's coming.
  28. Where do I put the pizza?
  29. Throw it away.
  30. I'm in a parking lot.
  31. Put it under a car, Brian. You can't be the Porm guy.
  32. She just waved to me. She sees me with the pizza.
  34. Grab a slice. Hurry.
  36. Now it just says "Porm," like it's a fact. Like there's no question about Porm.
  37. "Hey Katy! Um, I have a question to ask you."
  38. She's laughing. She wants to see the pizza and get it over with.
  39. "No. This pizza is for something else."
  40. She wants me to stop joking around.
  41. "This pizza is for a different friend. Will you go to Por- PROM- will you go to Prom with me?"
  42. She wants to know why I'm being weird about the pizza.
  43. "It says Porm."
  44. She's confused. Oh no. Too many people are here.
  45. This was all just supposed to be a formality. I talked to Emma who talked to Katy who said she was hoping I'd ask as long as I made it somewhat special.
  46. "The pizza says Porm. I didn't notice until a minute ago."
  47. Show her.
  48. "Oh yeah, and I ate a slice of it, which I guess now may be the weirder thing."
  49. Everyone is taking photos of the Porm pizza. This is now the thing people will associate with me.
  50. Katy says she'd love to go to Porm with me.
  51. Which is cute, but like, it doesn't stop me from being the Porm kid.
  52. Wait, why is everyone pointing to the sky?
  53. The sky says "?PRON"
  54. Oh thank God.