1. Hey dude, hold tight, and-
  2. Damn.
  3. Oh man.
  4. I'm sorry, sir, I have to keep going up.
  5. He looks so sad.
  6. The thing that makes me special, my floating, is the same thing that makes me have to leave you.
  7. Oh man, I liked that guy.
  8. He was so excited.
  9. It's windy.
  10. He was all "Sheryl is going to love this" and "I'm sure Sheryl thinks I forgot."
  11. Is he-
  12. He's running down the street for me.
  13. Dude, I'm going to raise up to the skies once this wind stops pushing me.
  14. He's really trucking it.
  15. Just buy another ballon, man. I won't be offended.
  16. Sheryl will never know that is balloon 2.
  17. He's, like, dodging people on the street and keeping his eye on me.
  18. Oh I hit a lamppost, now is your shot, man.
  19. Damn, right when he reached me, a gust of wind propelled me further.
  20. I just want the wind to stop so I can just float away and this guy can stop wasting his time.
  21. He's jumping on top of park benches trying to lunge for me.
  22. Like he's a character in a Pixar short or something.
  23. Why is he doing this?
  24. I guess it's hard to find a "Happy Anniversary" Snow White balloon.
  25. Didn't he say something about Sheryl and him having some sort of cute Snow White thing?
  26. Like she is the Snow White to his Grumpy or something?
  27. I hope he realizes that Snow White and Grumpy do not have a romantic relationship.
  28. Like, she famously ends up with Prince Charming.
  29. I'm caught under scaffolding!
  31. Oh god, wind.
  32. NO.
  33. As a balloon I have sworn to never interfere with wind and gravity.
  34. But goddamn it, look at this guy run.
  35. No wonder he identifies as Grumpy.
  36. I'm resisting the wind. I'm doing it.
  37. FIGHT IT.
  38. Of course there's a field trip of middle schoolers in his way.
  39. PUSH THEM.
  41. Ok, now jump. I'm wiggling my tail for you.
  43. A tall guy in a suit just grabbed me and handed me to Grumpy.
  44. What a genuinely nice moment between two grown men passing a Snow White "Happy Anniversary" balloon.
  45. Oh man, look how relieved he is.
  46. Let's go meet your Snow White.
  47. Goddamnit, you totally forgot your briefcase in that cab, didn't you?