1. Oh.
  2. Oh no.
  3. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.
  4. You could just ask the cashier.
  5. No.
  6. I'm going to grab it.
  7. It's kind of on the top of the trash.
  8. Grab it, Kelly.
  9. Someone just threw away old guacamole.
  10. It's just guacamole, Kelly.
  11. You pay $2 extra for it every time.
  12. Yes, but it's not the guac I paid for.
  13. It's stranger guac.
  14. Grab the receipt. Just do it.
  15. Or wait for someone else to go into the bathroom, come out, and then catch the door before it closes.
  16. Or buy another burrito.
  17. Would that be crazy?
  18. If I bought another burrito for the bathroom code on the receipt?
  19. But then everyone will be like, "why did that girl buy a burrito, eat it, and buy another burrito?"
  20. I could say it's for a friend.
  21. I already have a fountain soda cup, so I can't get something cheap like that again.
  22. How much are tacos? I could buy tacos.
  23. Not cheap.
  24. There's no way I'm going to the bathroom at the office.
  25. Just grab the receipt from the trash.
  26. No one is looking. Do it now.
  27. You are a raccoon, Kelly.
  29. Ok, just ask the cashier for the code.
  30. No.
  31. How far is the park? I could go into the bathroom at the park.
  33. Too slow.
  34. Let me just try 1111
  35. Didn't work.
  36. There's too many possible codes to randomly try.
  37. Your lunch break is almost over.
  38. 1112
  39. Nope.
  40. Google "bathroom code 26th st. Chipotle."
  41. Apparently it changes.
  42. Kelly, ask the cashier. It's a normal question.
  43. No.
  44. 1113
  45. I'm going back to the trash.
  46. Someone emptied out a burrito and just dumped it over all the contents.
  47. So many beans.
  48. I could go to the bathroom at my apartment after work.
  49. That's in like 6 hours.
  50. I'm going to ask the cashier.
  51. Just do it, Kelly.
  52. "Hi. Can I have a bottle of water?"
  53. You coward.
  54. Oh no, the cashier said it's on the house, and he isn't charging me.
  55. I need that receipt.
  57. 1114