1. Ok, this can't be that hard.
  2. Don't know much about NASCAR, but I just change everything to cars, right?
  3. Let's see, the pieces: all cars, right?
  4. Everyone gets to be the racecar. That's fun.
  5. Ok, the spaces.
  6. The spaces are just more cars?
  7. Oh, maybe the spaces could be races!
  8. With Boardwalk being the Indy 500!
  9. Are there enough races for us to do that?
  10. Ok, going to have to keep Google open for this.
  11. Oh, wow, the Indy 500 is not even a NASCAR race.
  12. I don't know anything about NASCAR.
  13. Damn it, Luke, you were supposed to design the next Mouse Trap.
  14. Now you're just renaming stuff in existing games
  15. Ok, well, maybe jail could be like the pit crew? Or something?
  16. And the money is just...
  17. NASCAR money?
  18. That's just regular money.
  19. Goddamn it.
  20. Remember how excited you were to get the big Parker Brothers internship.
  21. Well, that's turned into 10 years.
  22. And you're greatest accomplishment is Disney Villains Sorry.
  23. Real inspired work just adding a picture of Ursala.
  24. Ok, maybe the pieces are car parts, so not everything is a racecar.
  25. And the spaces can be drivers.
  26. With Jeff Gordon or whoever being Boardwalk.
  27. Is he still a thing? Jeff Gordon?
  28. Dale Earnhardt Jr.?
  29. Remember Barrier Reef? Your sea maze game you haven't worked on in months.
  30. "Could have changed gaming," you promised.
  31. Just do a mockup of it, Luke. Stop playing it safe with NASCAR Monopoly.
  32. Ok, the spaces will just be the top 22 drivers according to NASCAR.com.
  33. Will it hurt the feelings of whoever driver I put at Baltic Avenue?
  34. Whatever, you can't care about those things, Luke.
  35. Just get this done and get to work on your own stuff.
  36. You have to just do it. Stop being afraid of failure, or you'll live your whole life thinking "Barrier Reef could have been a hit."
  37. Only you can make that happen, Luke.
  38. I'm just adding the word "NASCAR" to the bottom of all the money.
  39. Checkered flags on everything.
  40. Oh man, Luke, what if you made the anemone tentacles moveable so they can either trap the turtle or open a path, depending on the roll of the dice.
  41. That's great. Oh man, that is good.
  42. Ok, finish up this NASCAR baloney.
  43. The houses and hotels are garages. Let's go.
  44. Oh, the railroads are the big races.
  45. Duh.
  46. Ok, done. Submitted.
  47. Now, to work on Barrier Reef.
  48. I feel really good about this.
  49. Brain coral requires you to solve a riddle to pass!