1. Oh, this is very much not the 11th floor.
  2. This is the tenth floor.
  3. But no one had clicked the tenth floor. I did my elevator due diligence and surveyed the lights. The 11th floor was supposed to be next.
  4. Oh... some guy is trying to get on.
  5. Why is someone on the tenth floor of an office building getting in an elevator going up at nine in the morning?
  6. Does this guy do business on multiple floors of the same office building? I know for a fact every floor is different.
  7. It was completely logical for me to assume that this was my floor.
  8. And now I look like an idiot.
  9. Because of some jerk who likes to travel the whole damn building.
  10. So many people just saw me make a tiny mistake.
  11. And now I have to reenter that crowded elevator with an admission of guilt plastered across my face.
  12. To let them know that I know that I messed up.
  13. Awesome.
  14. Let's do this thing.
  15. Make a stupid face.
  16. No, Paul, that's my stupid enough. It needs to be a wide toothless grin.
  17. Now, do a big "I'm a moron" shrug.
  18. Now, slightly chuckle in a "wow, boy was that a boneheaded mistake" way.
  19. Enter.
  20. Oh, some lady is laughing sympathetically.
  21. Give her what she wants and what you deserve for being such a doofus.
  22. Do it, Paul. Say that office building lingo for "oh God, this is soul crushing."
  23. Say it, you stupid asshole.
  24. "Mondays, right?"
  25. She smiled and repeated the word "Mondays."
  26. Everything about office buildings is terrible and today is the day I'm going to quit.
  27. No, I'm not...