1. My aide says Star Wars: the Force Awakens is coming out.
  2. I should probably tweet something Star Wars-related
  3. Light sabers and stuff.
  4. No.
  5. There is no reason for me to do that.
  6. I'm a Supreme Court justice. Just because something is in the news and popular, that doesn't mean I have to participate.
  7. I should be studying the law.
  8. But you serve the people.
  9. And the people like Star Wars.
  10. Maybe like "separation of force and state"?
  11. That's nothing.
  12. That's not even a pun.
  13. I bet you Sonia Sotomayor will have a Star Wars tweet.
  14. Something cool and popular.
  15. Like "Star Wars, not real wars."
  16. Which isn't a complicated opinion. No one would ever pick real wars over Star Wars. That decision will never come up.
  17. This is so dumb.
  18. I'm Justice Stephen Breyer for God's sakes.
  19. One of only nine justices in the whole country.
  20. I shouldn't have to worry about making a Star Wars reference.
  21. I bet Clarence Thomas has no idea what Star Wars is.
  22. That's his shtick though.
  23. Is there something about the second amendment and light sabers?
  24. That's a little too political. I better stay away from that.
  25. Maybe like, "congrats to @jjabrams on Star Wars, now if only the galactic empire had judicial review."
  26. Is that funny?
  27. Will people like that?
  28. Does the galactic empire have judicial review?
  29. I wonder if I could get a screener of the movie.
  30. Probably, right? I'm a Supreme Court justice. I could get a personal screener of the new Star Wars if I asked.
  31. This is not something I should worry about.
  32. Jimmy Carter appointed me for God's sakes.
  33. "The framers of the Constitution can be interpreted in many ways, and my job is to figure out what their intent is. But there's no other way to interpret Star Wars other than its great!"
  34. That's more than 140 characters.
  35. Just forget it.
  36. No one will care of a Supreme Court justice doesn't chime in on the fact that Star Wars is happening.
  37. I bet you it's good though. The trailer I saw in front of "Bridge of Spies" looked real good.
  38. "I was appointed to the Supreme Court the same year The Empire Strikes Back came out"
  39. No, stop reminding the people how old you are.
  40. God, it's so amazing I'm appointed for life.
  41. That'll never not be cool to me.
  42. Focus up, Stephen.
  43. I bet you Alito has a copy.
  44. Probably won't share it though.
  45. Would Ruth Bader Ginsburg be mad if I tweeted out a photo of her with Leea buns?
  46. Im sure that exists on the internet somewhere.
  49. I shouldn't compare Ruth to Vader though.
  50. I vote with her quite often.
  51. Just have one of the aides do this.
  52. You have so many.
  53. And they are all young and in the know.
  54. I bet they are all hooking up.
  55. Stop worrying about all of that.
  56. John Roberts never worries about anything.
  57. Yeah, just because I'm in the public eye and something popular is happening, that doesn't mean I have to chime in on it.
  58. I'm not tweeting a goddamn thing.
  59. I'm an important person.
  60. Yeah.
  61. Oh forget it, just tweet a quick photo of a Jedi with the caption, "did you steal my robes?"
  62. It's cute and means nothing and the people will eat it up.
  63. I'm not proud of this.