1. This is it. Bryan Keller wants me to sign his yearbook.
  2. Act cool, Danica. This is the big one.
  3. "Only if you sign mine!"
  4. Very cool.
  5. "Where you want me to sign?"
  6. He said wherever.
  7. I'm going to do it.
  8. I'm going to tell him how I feel.
  9. We are both seniors, and we are signing each other's yearbooks.
  10. That's why yearbooks are for.
  11. To tell people how you feel.
  12. Flip to a random page.
  13. What do I say?
  14. How about "Bryan-"
  15. Make sure your letters are bubbly, but not TOO bubbly, you know? You want him to take you seriously.
  16. That's good. Now write "It's... been... so nice getting... to know... you... better this year."
  17. Ok, now get personal. Maybe just straight up say "maybe if we had more time" And then add an ellipses and a winky face.
  18. That's good.
  19. I wonder what he's writing in mine.
  20. What page is this anyway-
  21. Oh.
  22. Oh fuck.
  23. This is the tribute page for Edgar Winters, the kid who died in the quarry this year.
  24. Well.
  25. Fuck.
  26. Well.
  27. No, I don't think there's any coming back from this one.
  28. I mean... I don't think Bryan really knew Edgar.
  29. Still.
  30. Oh God. Oh God.
  31. Just tear out the page.
  32. I can't tear out a tribute page.
  33. The lacrosse team photo is on the other side. Bryan will go looking for that.
  34. "I need more time, Bryan! Trying to say the perfect goodbye!"
  35. Stop flirting with him. That's going to make it worse when he sees you signed the page for the dead kid.
  36. I think...
  37. I think I have to finish the message.
  38. Jesus Christ.
  39. I drew a winky face on the page for the dead kid.
  40. Maybe I can make it so the winky face is crying?
  41. I guess I have to do that.
  42. I have to acknowledge Edgar's death in my message.
  43. This is so messed up.
  44. What if...
  45. What if I signed someone else's name?
  46. And made it seem like Grace Barnum or whoever wrote it there.
  47. Danica, no, that's even worse.
  48. Just finish the message. Right now it reads "Bryan- It's been so nice getting to know you better this year. Maybe if we had more time... ;)"
  49. I could make it read "maybe if HE had more time... ;')"
  50. But why is the crying face smiling?
  51. Again, Danica, I don't think you can fix this.
  52. This is an immediately sickening and terrible situation.
  53. Edgar does not deserve this.
  54. At least I don't think he did. It's a big school, and he hung with all the kids who do scary stuff at the quarry.
  55. It's still so sad obviously.
  56. So sad.
  57. Obviously.
  58. Goddamn it.
  59. This is the ONE page you can't sign.
  60. I've had Bryan's yearbook for too long.
  61. Ok, now write "I guess... life... is... fleeting... Never... forget... Edgar."
  62. I'm going to look like a psychopath.
  63. Why did they make the tribute page on the spine of the yearbook?
  64. It's the page you naturally open to if you randomly flip it open.
  65. I can't be the only one to make this mistake.
  66. Yes, Danica, you definitely are.
  67. "Bryan! Stop peeking! You'll read it soon enough haha!"
  69. Ok, just sign it and run away forever.
  70. Hmmmm, ok, just write "yours... in spirit"
  73. I can't sign this.
  74. SIGN IT.
  75. I'm signing it "D."
  76. That way I have plausible deniability.
  77. Bryan said I shouldn't read his until later.
  78. "OH SAME."
  79. Walk away forever. This is your last interaction with Bryan Keller, the boy who called you on the phone once and it somehow wasn't weird, but was just nice. This is how you are leaving things with him.
  80. "I accidentally signed the tribute page for Edgar Winters."
  82. Oh man, he was freaking out!
  83. Hahahahahahahaha, his changes midway through too and says "I failed A.P. US History because I was trying to make you laugh. Edgar was a quiet kid, but he was loved."
  84. I can't believe we both did it.
  85. This is so cute.
  86. Well, no. It's super fucked up.
  87. "Yeah... I'd love to get coffee with you sometime."
  88. Is it ok to bond over a mutual desecration of a dead kid's yearbook tribute?
  89. This isn't a great foundation for a summer romance.
  90. I guess you take what you can get.