1. Who are "the boys"?
  2. Do we have a "the boys?"
  3. Ricky and Joe? Are they "the boys"?
  4. Oh, man, Amanda, are you in a friend group that has a "the girls" and a "the boys"?
  5. I thought we all just had friends.
  6. I guess we have F•R•I•E•N•D•S
  7. Turns out I'm in an insular friend group. How did I let this happen?
  8. I feel like until we have our own nightly booth at a bar, we can't have a "the girls" and a "the boys."
  9. Wait, unless Beth means Ken and Charlie and the guys from downstairs.
  10. I guess they could be "the boys."
  11. Who the hell are "the boys?"
  12. Just ask her. She's your roommate.
  13. "Cool, stoked to see The Boys. Who exactly is coming over?"
  14. Very well played, Amanda.
  15. She just said "John and the rest of them, probably."
  16. Who is John?
  17. John is "The Boys"?
  18. Is she talking about John Pierson from intramural frisbee? Are the intramural guys "the boys"?
  19. Are we that good of friends with the guys from intramural frisbee? We met them randomly through a GroupOn.
  20. Our only bond is we all have the same purple Zog Sports shirt and have lost every game.
  21. Unless she meant John Kent, her work friend.
  22. In which case, not fair. Her work friends don't get to be "the boys."
  23. I should have some say in who "the boys" are.
  24. Or we are all just people who aren't divided by gender.
  25. "So John and them are The Boys?"
  26. Beth just said "yeah, you know, The Boys."
  27. That doesn't mean anything. "The Boys" could be anyone.
  28. The Lost Boys.
  29. The Backstreet Boys.
  30. The Dallas Cow Boys.
  31. This is really bothering me more than it should.
  32. But you can't just casually decide that you and your roommates have a unanimous "the boys."
  33. Stop forcing friend groups, Beth.
  34. "Hey Beth, when did we get a 'the boys'?"
  35. She is rightfully confused by this question.
  36. "Like, If we suddenly have a 'the boys,' I want a vote."
  37. She insists that Johnny Goldman and Ben Fields and Paul Masterson have been the "the boys" since college.
  38. Oh yeah, Johnny Goldman and the college boys.
  39. I forgot about them.
  40. I guess they kind of are "the boys."
  41. But does that make us their "the girls"?
  42. I don't know if they think of us like that. I've never heard them refer to us as "the girls." In order for there to be a "the boys," doesn't there have to be a "the girls?" It's a mutually-agreed upon designation.
  43. I really should get changed if The Boys are coming over.
  44. This is so stupid. We are in our twenties. None of us are boys or girls. We belong as units to no one. We are all adults. Everyone is an individual who deserves to be treated as such.
  45. Someone is at the door.
  46. Johnny just opened it and said "The Girls!"
  47. "Hey, it's The Boys!' Welcome!"
  48. Be the change you wish to see in this world, Amanda.