1. I really don't know why I have to hide in the bushes.
  2. I could easily just stand across the path and pretend to be a tourist with a camera.
  3. Like, it's Central Park. It's a famously photographed place.
  4. Whatever, Thomas is paying you to hide in the bushes and take candids, so stop complaining, Harry.
  5. Plus, you normally just do weddings and proms. This is fun and different. You're taking photos of a real, relatively unstaged human moment, Harry.
  6. You're like a spy.
  7. A romance spy.
  8. Yeah.
  9. It's 7:30pm. Sun is setting. Let's go, Thomas and Kylie. It's the magic hour.
  10. Stop taking photos of the ducks, Harry.
  11. You need to be ready.
  12. Oh damn, there's Thomas, and that must be Kylie! Good for you, Thomas.
  13. Snap.
  14. Taking some nice "she has no idea what's coming" pics. These are great.
  15. Ok, he stopped halfway across the Bow Bridge to lean out over the lake. This is it.
  16. Get out of the bushes and on the bridge. Look real inconspicuous.
  17. Don't actually whistle, Harry.
  18. She's overlooking the lake. He's on one knee, and she doesn't see it yet.
  19. Snap.
  20. This is, like, cover photo goodness.
  21. And... she sees him!
  22. Snap.
  23. Hmmmm. Weird reaction, Kylie.
  24. She's pulling him back up and shaking her head.
  25. Oh.
  26. Oh no.
  27. Do I... do I still take photos?
  28. I mean, he paid me to take photos.
  29. On the off chance, he still wants these, I think I have to take them, right?
  30. Snap.
  31. They both look very sad in this one.
  32. Harry, I think you can stop.
  33. Right?
  34. We should have gone over this in the contract.
  35. Snap.
  36. With this lens, you can really see his tears and her steely resolve.
  37. This is terrible. I have to stop this. Thomas will not want these photos.
  38. But he already paid me.
  39. Do I have to pay him back?
  40. As like a "I'm sorry your girlfriend of three years didn't say yes, but you really should have had this conversation before you bought a ring" gesture.
  41. Harry, stop judging. You don't know their situation.
  42. All I can hear is him yelling "is this about Amsterdam?" over and over.
  43. Snap.
  44. Based off this photo, I can't tell who is screaming at who about Amsterdam.
  45. I mean worst case scenario, he doesn't want to see them and I can just delete them.
  46. But why would he want to see them, Harry? He doesn't look very good in these. Passersby are asking him if he's hurt.
  47. Maybe he will want them to see what went wrong.
  48. Like game tape.
  49. Snap.
  50. Well, there's one of him trying to throw the ring in the lake and her trying to stop him.
  51. It's actually a pretty cool photo.
  52. I could probably win a contest with this.
  53. Snap.
  54. Him standing on the bridge, threatening to jump the six feet into the lake and her arms crossed.
  55. The blocking in this photo is unreal.
  56. Snap.
  57. Him mid-jump. Her gasping. The sun setting.
  58. I mean, a few more of these, and I may have a calendar.
  59. Snap.
  60. She's looking over the bridge and screaming.
  61. I wish you could tell in the photo that she's yelling "this is exactly like Amsterdam."
  62. I mean, at this point, I have to get closer and see what he's doing in that water, right?
  63. I mean, he paid me to.
  64. Snap.
  65. Just treading water and screaming.
  66. Snap.
  67. The ducks have gotten involved.
  68. Snap.
  69. Oh man, he's proposing again from the water as he fends off the ducks.
  70. This is very sad. I feel bad again.
  71. Oh, Harry, take some good ones of these park rangers.
  72. Snap. Snap. Snap.
  73. I'm not normally this good, but you can really see Thomas' frantic swimming away in these.
  74. I mean, at this point, I think he will want these, right?
  75. I'm losing light. Hurry up and escape, Thomas.
  76. And he's gone.
  77. Snap.
  78. Kylie standing over a still lake, wondering how she got here.
  79. I mean, she should at the very least gram this one.