I'm sure people are just trying to be nice, wanting to start a conversation - but sometimes they cross the line.
  1. His cheeks!
    He does have some chunky cheeks.
  2. He's huge!
    He is tall and his weight is in the 90th %ile. He's proportional.
  3. He's serious.
    No. He just doesn't like you. Actually, he is not a smiley kid. He only smiles if he's comfortable with you and having a good time. When he finally smiles, it's wonderful and lights up the room.
  4. He's a mama's boy.
    The downside of being a stay at home mom. He's with only me 95% of the time and is not comfortable with strangers.
  5. He's spoiled.
    You can't spoil a baby. Next.
  6. Can I feed him this?
    Usually it's something sugary sweet. So no! Yeah he'll like it, but he doesn't need to know that yet.
  7. He doesn't have teeth yet??
    No. Things happen in a time range. And thank goodness there's no teeth since he's still nursing.
  8. He still nurses every 2 hours???
    Yes he does. Read above. He's huge!
  9. How long do you plan on nursing him?
    Personal! And you may not like the answer since it seems you are the type that thinks there should be a cutoff date. American Pediatrics recommends to breastfeed until 1 year, and World Health Organization recommends until 2 years old. So I'm not even worried about weaning right now.
  10. Can I have him?
    This cuddly kid is alllllll mine! 💝