contains some spoilers!! and scary stuff be careful
  1. everything in The Shining
  2. Stephen King's IT
    anyone who has seen this series KNOW this is true. dont even lie.
  3. everything about It Follows
    just... n o
  4. this goddamn thing from Channel Zero
    the sounds it makes... the way it moves... the way it looks... EVERYTHING 😱😱😱😱 im internally screaming just watching the gif
  5. that part in the cabin at night when the thing **** in and pretended to ***** w the teenagers in Anansi's Goatman Story
    i read a few creepypasta classics that day and that scene from anansi's goatman story was the only thing that haunted me in my sleep
  6. that throaty sound the ghost boy frm The Grudge makes