💛 girl groups I like 💛

because I tend to forget
  1. fiestar
    I'll never forget fiestar though
  2. t-ara
    t-ara haters are all fools. they're currently the most popular kpop girl group in China and not a single member speaks Chinese fluently. suck on that.
  3. stellar
    because all their songs are bops and people should pay attention to them not only when they are doing provocative concepts gdi.
  4. brave girls
    buy "deepened" by brave girls on itunes. only $1.98 but worth $1,980. function super duper hella good as a group.
  5. 4minute
    they save kpop with every comeback?? they're queens, heroines, saviours of kpop AND Khiphop.
  6. two x
    they deserve more than they got -1 member but they haven't come back as 4 yet. 😞
  7. tahiti
    had no opinion of them besides jisoo who had insulted jei one time in jest. but heard the main vocal's voice and fell in love.
  8. g.friend
    their songs and choreography are all so A+ they've been through so much hate even though they're all so young. they deserve all the success they've had so far.
  9. cocosori
    this grp's concept is literally cosplay. so yes. everything about this weaboo duo.
  10. asha
    they only have a debut to their name. I'm friends with their CEO on Facebook. super small company, super unknown grp. probably broke. but I hope they are able to come back because their main vocals are really good and the maknae and rapper are a bit weird. also the Nokia phone comes out when I Google their name.
  11. Matilda
    Their name is super hard to Google or search on tumblr, and even their name in Korean is hard to search on Korean websites. But they're very talented, have great vocals.