Me in Profile Pics

almost never the same pic
  1. Pinterest
    i was obsessed with this wolf soft toy from ikea at that time. (i have this soft toy btw and it's my favourite among all my toys)
  2. Instagram
    my only regular profile pic
  3. Whatsapp
    Teru from Mob Psycho 100. i thought this screenshot describes my essence perfectly.
  4. Twitter #1
    a pic of an idol i like 😍 she posted that pic recently. i change it whenever an idol i like posts a new selfie.
  5. Twitter #2
    my dear shiro from voltron
  6. Facebook
    a pic of me with the dinosaur from toy story on my head
  7. And of course
    image of a geek cat i downloaded off google. it was a meme i think and the circle cropped the words out.