1. Breaking Bad
    im between season 3 and season 4. i'll probably pick it back up in 2 months.
  2. kdrama Age of Youth
    a gem of a tv show. one of my favourite tv shows ever and i watch a lot of tv.
  3. shadowhunters s2
    i keep talking shit abt this show on my twitter but deep down i love it in all its flaws and logic loopholes. truly a trashy teen tv show that touches my heart like teen wolf seasons 1 and 2 had. i am looking fwd to shadowhunters s2 gg on a journey w me for the next 3 months
  4. my study playlist
    these lofi hiphop, vaporwave mixes that use anime gifs as the video get me through all my readings. the poor af uni student's alternative to spotify & 8tracks lmao
  5. clc "hobgoblin"
    this EP is a masterpiece!!! MASTER.PIECE. i listened to "hobgoblin" EVERYDAY in Jan.
  6. also lots of Oreos lol