My random thoughts on some tweaks to the greatest game!
  1. Make penalties last the whole 2 minutes like they used to.
  2. Call slashing when players slam their stick down onto an opponents stick even if it doesn't break.
  3. Set a line in the stick that your hand can't go down below during a face off. That'll get the players more upright.
  4. Emulate lax, put puck on face off dot, have players line up sticks lined up with puck, begin at whistle.
  5. Trim down the upper body pads and pants of goalies, make jersey stretchy and form fitting. Make glove a lot smaller and have no blocking component.
  6. Pucks are frozen to make them harder and less bouncy but then they warm up and get bouncy, why not just make them harder and less bouncy at the onset.