Not a poem. Just can't think in a smooth-thread, grown-up way.
  1. I'm starting to become really scared
  2. Of the possibility that I have nothing to contribute.
  3. I know it's a common feeling:
  4. That everything great has been said and done by beautiful sayers and doers,
  5. Because as much as these sayers and doers are inspiring,
  6. They point me in a confused direction
  7. What is left for me?
  8. I thought I wanted normalcy
  9. But it seems like not enough
  10. What IS the point?
  11. I mean really and truly the point of all this.
  12. When we talk about being those Blips
  13. That is true
  14. And so what can a Blip really do?
  15. All the Blips go away, don't they.
  16. I'm having trouble moving away from the "Then What?" Mentality
  17. Which I know is detrimental and seemingly pretentious and self-pitying.
  18. But I'm just trying to figure it out.