I don't know, Mr. Vonnegut. Today is incredible and nothing less. Wow. She's confident! Yes. Yes I am. About these things:
  1. Oogum Boogum Song
  2. Gel pen journal writing
  3. Croissant
  4. I'm wearing all brown. Which is just a hilarious color.
    I tried to explain this to my professor who replied, "well I always wear all black," yes dude, but all black is cool as hell. All brown is a huge question mark. Just agree with me. I don't need your whole thing.
  5. Bus full of city kids
    I'm not freaking pedo. An awesome change from the usual scary meanies. They're like really cute city-kids. In other words, "LyfE GoALz. I think they're on a field trip. So jealous, dude.
  6. This dude on the train trying so hard not to laugh.
    Really hard to take a picture here. I think he saw me. Shit.
  7. Hell of a Life 🎶
    "No more drugs for me, pussy and religion is all I need." Kanye you are soooo down to Earth. 😎