Not trying to perpetuate the invisibility of maleness, but these women are in a league of their own. Guys can't keep up. ✊🏼
  1. Nora Ephron
  2. Mindy Kaling
    Ass that won't quit, wardrobe like whoa. (also really intelligent and strong and funny on her own and a hard fucking worker) top of the best friend tier.
  3. Anne Hathaway
    There will never be a movie like princess diaries. Rachel getting married was stunning. You're such a beautiful goofball. It's like you're charmingly regular but also hella classy. How do you do it Annie?
  4. Colette from "Ratatouille"
    Cutthroat, clean, French. Made me cut my hair in my bathroom in an effort to embody her Pixar soul.
  5. Tig Notaro
    Brave. And selfless. And honest. And totally vulnerable and talented. A great comic and an inspirational person--cancer aside. Her story is the ultimate.
  6. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    *see "Declaration of Sentiments"
  7. Condoleezza Rice
    Actually empowered in the way that matters. Not the way it's been represented which is largely attributed to violence, honestly.