So you're (Korean, Chinese, Mexican, etc.), right? ( -explains whole background- It's all right. It's always all right.
  1. Is a little confusing
    I sort of want a space for "little bit of everythang" on all those forms that ask about your background. I usually put "other." That seems sufficient. And doesn't bother me.
  2. Is fun
    I'm standing at like the four corners you know? I get the full dining experience-well not full but you know what I mean.
  3. Is suckish
    "Exotic" is kind of animal-behind-a-cage-spectacle-ish but I know it's just different so I'm not mad. I just have to be a little more patient, which isn't that bad. 😊
  4. -And your approach regarding it- is a good tell
    Sometimes it (ambiguity) frustrates people because when the label isn't known the behavior isn't either. That's kind of lame. Awesome people don't just ask me "where I'm from (REALLY from)" then walk away. It's a good tell of character, I think.
  5. Is embarrassing
    Only because I think people are a little disappointed when I'm not fluent in Spanish. Hell, I'm disappointed too. I've been taking classes but daaammmn. Just hold on, homie. 😎