1. ⭐️Because our Starman passed ⚡️
  2. And I don't have the right textbook or access code or WHATEVER.
  3. Because I don't know if my transit card will work
  4. And if I should bring this yoga mat. No one else will bring one. What am I thinking? It's the first day.
  5. Because my hours are being cut and I should look for another job, honestly. Competition season isn't great for a part-time dance teacher.
  6. But yesterday I was really happy.
  7. Because I am re-watching "The Office"
  8. And I saw "Joy" with a Target turkey havarti sandwich that was supreme in a theater.
  9. And I went for a run.
  10. But yesterday is yesterday. And so I'm working on Today.
  11. God. It's hard.
  12. All of it.