It smells like shit..? Oh yes. Sir, please turn back around. There is a stain. Quietly judging. 🐋💨
  1. The man with the poop stains on his jeans. I'm hoping he isn't sick. But the smell is whoa and the everyone is whispering. This is special because bus people do not acknowledge smells. It's second nature to us.
  2. Dad-looking dude with a Doobie Brothers shirt, Chicago Bears windbreaker, and I ♥️Jesus baseball hat (gothic font). His new balance sneakers transcend time.
  3. Older (Peruvian?) man, eye patch and fedora. Fresh as hell.
  4. Older white woman, lime green capris, grey bucket hat. Too many bags, ma'am.
  5. Young thug with a limp and a cigarette behind his ear. Weirdly charming.