Inspired by @ListPrompts There are so many, but the movies I listed make me feel alive. Don't fuck with me about the validity, okurr? 😎 (I'm sorry I use "fuck" maybe too much here).
  1. Little miss sunshine
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    The entire cast is just sparkling. I love this family and they have been so real to me.
  2. The End of the Tour
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    Cried. Several different times. Makes me miss DFW even more. Kept integrity, didn't need flourishes and wasn't desperate--it was just good and sad and lovely. This is how all of my explanations are going so far, I think.
  3. Before Sunset
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    The best one (Sunrise, Midnight). Also what I dream of in a romantic regard.
  4. Stranger Than Fiction
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    Underrated and special. I love Harold Crick and the cast here is so unexpectedly good.
  5. Dead Poets Society
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    Changed my life. Literally. Now a teacher in the making. "Yawp!" Tattooed on my arm, dawg.
  6. Bird man
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    Everything about it. Especially Michael Keaton. Dirty-pretty-truthful-dreamy-and the score? ❤️
  7. The Usual Suspects
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    Makes you go aaghhhhh! The first time you watch it. That is a good movie. I said, "Oh fuck youuu!!!" With a huge smile the first time. That was a good time.
  8. The Royal Tenebaums
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    Alec Baldwin has not returned my calls about narrating for me. Also waiting to paint my walls salmon when I'm a grown up. And have a javelina. So many plans. Good story telling. Good style, and I love Wes for his "handwriting." Call me basic. I dare you. Specifically this scene p.s.
  9. Good Will Hunting
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    Marky, Ricky, Danny, Terry, Mikey, Davey, Timmy, Tommy, Joey, Robby, Johnny, and Brian. How do you like them 🍎🍎?
  10. When Harry Met Sally
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    My first real rom-com. It is special, fuck you.