1. San Francisco sourdough bread bowls
  2. See's candies with my mom
    One sample and we're gone. No pretending to look
  3. Dippin' dots
  4. That's so Raven
  5. Not having zits
  6. High school. I know. Weird.
  7. Fourth grade teacher reading "Hank Zipzer" by the Fonz
  8. Black Oak Restaurant in California-can't remember if it was actually good, but I remember loving it whenever we went.
  9. Screaming contests with my sister and cousin pre-thyroid problems
  10. House in paradise valley
  11. Palm trees
  12. Going to see movies with my mom/dad/sister
  13. Riding bikes with my sister
  14. Our farm and the smell of alfalfa
  15. My Nokia but it doesn't have @list so...