To be continued
  1. Seeing lists of uncomfortableness and not making my own
  2. Bad people
  3. Good people
  4. Sandals for people with non-square feet
  5. Trying to be cool
  6. Talking to smart people
  7. Messaging people online
  8. Eye contact with confident people
  9. Shirts that show your lower belly when your arms are raised
  10. Bad type anywhere, mostly on signs and tshirts
  11. Anyone's earwax
  12. High waisted pants that I bought when I said "for when I lose weight" but am wearing anyway
  13. Not having a pen when someone asks for one
  14. This one pair of docs that gives me a blister on the back of my heel every time even with socks because my friend gave them to me, I didn't break them in
  15. Mirrors
  16. Bathing siits
  17. Chairs at a restaurant and not booths
  18. Cold toilet seats
  19. Cilantro
  20. Grapefruit anything
  21. People who want to argue about evolution you must fucking be kidding right now in 2016.
  22. Fat between armpit and boob
  23. Middle seats in cars
  24. Driving altogether, actually
  25. Bikes
  26. Beanies-for more than 30 minutes, I'm losing it but I can't take it off because hat hair
  27. Leather jacket-so totally cool though, está bien
  28. Not speaking another language fluently
  29. Can I say homeless people because I feel like a serious jerk for not giving them money but I don't have money and is everyone going to yell at me-not their fault, I know I know I know isn't it still uncomfortable though?
  30. Kid hands
    Seriously that is a kid hand. Still waiting on long lady fingers over here. They're not coming, I know.
  31. Writing anything that will be read by anyone other than me
  32. Anyone talking to me with any romantic inclination at all.
    No. I'm still not ready.
  33. Losing
  34. My bad vocab
  35. These two people in my Spanish class that smell like beer and greasy hair
  36. Eating deodorant or chalk. This has happened too often
  37. Talking about my tattoos. Seriously don't ask me.
  38. Talking about my job
  39. Talking about what I want to be
    These are because they're all really emotional and sort of epic things to talk about and it sounds less pretentious or corny on paper than in person
  40. Poetry
  41. Chuck palahniuk
  42. Boogers
  43. No socks with shoes
  44. Cap sleeves
  45. Big messenger bags- clomp step clomp step clomp step
  46. High heels--like thin ones. My ankle gives out--previous roller skating accident
  47. Ceiling fans
  48. People in their 20s
  49. Boys
  50. Girls
  51. Sequins around limb/neck-holes
  52. Pillowcases that don't fit pillows exactly
  53. Walking-I have a bad walk
  54. Sitting up
  55. All social media--which is solved because now I just have this app
  56. Phone calls
  57. "We need to talk" or even, "Maria, can I talk to you for a second?"
  58. Buzzfeed
  59. Diving boards
  60. Goggles without the nose
  61. Not laughing when other people are laughing
  62. My butt is flat now
  63. My commute
  64. Scooters
  65. Horseback riding
  66. Hiking with people in shape
  67. Parties
  68. Getting called on whether or not I volunteer a response
  69. Unfinished journals
  70. Half-read books
  71. Good people crying
  72. Good people dying