Still working on it
  1. Jazz dancer
  2. Modern dancer
    Martha and Isadora
  3. Broadway dancer
    Pop six squish uh uh Cicero Lipschitz
  4. Modern dancer
    Cunningham and Ailey
  5. Pharmacist
    My mom told me to
  6. FBI criminal profiler
    Absolutely criminal minds
  7. Writer
    Midnight in Paris
  8. Filmmaker
    Wes Anderson and Noah baumbach and Casey neistat
  9. Occupational therapist
    For the money and the stability. Grown up thoughts overruling
  10. English teacher
    Mr. Keating, Ms. Honey, Erin Gruwell, Dewey Finn, Snape, Ms. Norbury, Mr. Feeny, Mr. Holland, even the Trunchbull, Dr. Fletcher, Professor Umbridge.