1. Leandra Medine
    "Monocycle" is my favorite Friday fun time
  2. Penelope Cruz
    If I ever have kids they will see "The Usual Suspects," "Fight Club," "Inception," "Memento," and "Vanilla Sky" in a row. They will understand the impossibility of truth and conquer the world-also they might explode.
  3. Tina Belcher
    Gene: "What are the woman parts?" Tina: "The heart and the vagina."
  4. Brittany. Howard.
  5. Stellaaaaa!!!
  6. Gillian
  7. Fahooking
  8. Anderson
  9. My fave jewesses
  10. Lena
    Even when I disagree, I love her. Mad respect for dis Gurrrl
  11. Jenny slate
    I mean even just the style with this one...I always think about her "cream cheese underwear" joke in Obvious Child
  12. Miranda July and our modern girl, Carrie Brownstein, duh.
  13. Jane Fonda
    G. Smart, making a freaking difference, knows the importance of female friendships and heir magical powers. ✊
  14. DAKOTAHHHHHHHH Johnson, everyone
    Seems real Fahooking cool and stylish and funny, right?
  15. Zadie smith
    Dude this woman is one wise person-see women of the hour interview with Lena- also I finished white teeth like a week ago and it was 👌. So many conversations to be had...
  16. Pam Beesly
    Especially when she decides for herself and works to be more honest, become a salesperson, and goes for what she wants even when it scares her -see Michael Scott paper company-