I'm in my early 20s so I'm working on it..
  1. I'm mouthy as hell and when I do shut up, my facial expressions always pick up right where my mouth left off
  2. I don't love these hoes (by hoes I mean boys. By boys I mean infantile-minded males, not men who actually act and DO appreciate women.)
  3. I'm so easily irritable but I also feel like I easily irritate too even when I'm not so that imbalance sometimes throws off my whole mood and manifest itself through me as a huggeeee bitch
  4. I always cut ppl off during debates or disagreements because I'm bossy as hell and once I hear what I consider trash come out your mouth, there's a little voice in my head that just tells me to tune you out in any way I can
  5. I LOVE being Karma's sidekick like OMG when you fuck me over I seriously internalize Maleficent and think of every which way I can ruin your lifeeeeeeeee because vengeance is MINEEEEEEEEEEEE
  6. I hate being lonely SOMETIMES but I absolutely cherish my alone moments and when I feel like someone is intruding on them, even unintentionally, I completely disconnect.