1. "Shut the fuck up": DO ✔️
    It's just such a powerful phrase. It's direct, assertive, & rolls off the tongue smoothly.
  2. "Fuck boy": DONT ❌
    Okay we need to have a talk- y'all have got to let this one go now. It's overused and will soon be outdated. The amount of times I hear it used wrong on a daily basis is starting to agitate my blood, we got people claiming it as identities, old ppl are catching on, the Hillbillies have picked it up- JUST!...........stop. No more. I'm begging you.
  3. "Are you fucking serious?": DO✔️
    Idk what it is about this one but that sharp "fucking" in the middle of this sentence gives it that sense of urgency you're looking for. You know.
  4. "Fucktard": DONT ❌
    First off it's a play off of an ableist term & it just sounds dumb as hell coming off your tongue. It's counterproductive too because it is in fact YOU that looks and sounds like whatever insult you're trying to convey by using this.
  5. "Dee-fucking-sgusting" (or other interjections if "fuck/fucking" into everyday words as needed): DO✔️
    Cracks me up everytime when ppl do this so DO DO DO DO DO 😊
  6. "Fucks sake"
    Because Queen Onika used it and any phrase use of the F-bomb that's okay with her is okay with me.