If you travel for work and have little to no control over your food
  1. Salad with chicken
  2. Baked chicken thighs
  3. Baked chicken thighs
  4. Baked chicken thighs
    You will also have eaten baked chicken for lunch all of these days.
  5. Chicken curry
    This will feel different even though this is cut up chicken thighs. You will be relieved.
  6. Chicken wrap with seasonal vegetables
    If you ask what the seasonal vegetables are, the answer will be "carrots and squash" but with so much derision that you feel like a fucking idiot for not knowing what is seasonal in Zimbabwe in the winter.
  7. Eggs
  8. Chicken stir fry
  9. Chicken and shrimp rice noodles
    You will see this on a menu and immediately order it because Shrimp! And then later regret ordering seafood in a landlocked country.