1. Roll over and accidentally punch him in his sleep ~1x a month and not remember it in the morning
  2. Spend 45 mins doing my hair every time we have to go somewhere outside the house
  3. Accidentally hold his laundry captive because I "cleaned it up" in my hamper and then didn't wash it for a month but tell him I don't know where the shirt he wants is the whole time
  4. Say I am tired and want to go to bed then make him talk to me for 30 minutes in the dark before I can fall asleep
  5. Leave half full coffee cups around the house and forget about them for days so they turn into science experiments
  6. Shed everywhere, especially anyplace where there is a white floor, sheet, or towel
    Can't really control this one
  7. Wait until the hamper is too full to carry all the laundry then ask for help taking it downstairs. Find lost shirts in the process
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    He's so happy I found the shirts he can't even be mad at me