Maddie came home drunk tonight while I was reading Harry Potter for the first time in many years but also for the billionth time. We decided to have a dance party and eat avocado toast. Here is the playlist:
  1. Nobody Does It Better- Carly Simon
    Nobody does it better than Carly Simon
  2. The Obvious Child- Paul Simon
    I can't dance to this as cute as Jenny Slate can, but I sure do try.
  3. Coming Around Again- Carly Simon
    more Carly
  4. You're So Vain- Carly Simon
    a lot of Carly Simon as requested by drunk Madison and agreed upon by sober me
  5. Emotional Rescue- Rolling Stones
    If you haven't busted this one out for a dance party, you are doing dance parties all wrong. It gets better every time you play it
  6. Jump Into the Fire- Harry Nilsson
    The drum solo in this will make you jump hard enough to appropriately disturb the downstairs neighbors
  7. Black Silk Stocking- Chrisma
    About half these songs are in A Bigger Splash, both that movie and this song are excellent
  8. Shut Up and Kiss Me- Angel Olsen
    Heard this on our college radio station and digged it