We share a dorm room. A very small dorm room. We were randomly matched to live our lives together in this cube.
  1. That I listen to audiobooks out loud to fall asleep
    I'd be annoyed too though tbh
  2. That I drink
    she doesn't drink for moral reasons? her southern baptism is very in my face
  3. I throw my trash in "her" trash can when mine is full
    She is mean to me and this gives me small satisfaction
  4. I sometimes use her mugs
    I also get satisfaction from this
  5. That I interact with the male species
    Premarital sexual activity is frowned upon
  6. That I'm bi
    I haven't told her this but I imagine she would hate it. She refuses to watch orange is the new black because it's "weirds her out"
  7. I watch too much tv
    I'm somehow always watching tv when she comes home. I promise I fucking read mate and study and shit. Im social I swear
  8. That I sometimes come home later than like 9
    She makes a real show of being annoyed by this
  9. All of my friends