Things I've Been High Key Into In the Past Few Weeks

the good, bad, and the things that annoy my roommates... an apparently extensive list
  1. Spending all my food money on books
    i refuse to believe this was a bad decision... my empty fridge says it was
  2. learning Norwegian and also calling Duolingo out for some questionable choices for example sentences
    one of the things i had to translate was "boys will be boys" 😒
  3. matching my lipstick and eyeshadow
    by matching i mean literally shmearing lipstick onto my eyelids... it's a look, especially when that shit is orange (ps i have the fingers of a 12 year old, but somehow also of a 70 year old)
  4. Brokeback Mountain
    why did i not see this movie until now? i honestly don't know, but i watched it twice in a row so
  5. This! Book!
  6. Organizing!
    this picture was taken at a protest at my school
  7. How pretty my medicine cabinet is
  8. Ezra Miller
    this quote vocalizes exactly how i feel about my sexuality, it's so nice to have queer representation (and fucking important)
  9. But What if We're Wrong?
    I haven't actually read this yet, but i'm into it already.
  10. Skam
    this random norwegian show i came across. it's one of the most realistic representations of being a teenager... transport yourself back to highschool!! but in a good way?
  11. Painting
    it had been awhile
  12. deleting tinder
  13. This coat from Zara
    someone give me $120
  14. these. boots.
    this is where my $120 went
  15. The Normal Heart
    Mark Ruffalo is incredible in this. You will be thinking about this movie for days after watching it. on HBO
  16. How to Survive a Plague
    An amazing documentary covering Act Up and AIDS activism in the 80s and 90s. on Netflix
  17. Illmatic
    life's a bitch and then you die
  18. Rocky Horror
    This started at Halloween and i'm still listening to the soundtrack almost daily. fuck, i love this movie
  19. Moonlight!
    one of the most beautifully directed and acted films of the year.
  20. Robyn
    i quite literally have danced alone to this song
  21. The Zoo Story by Edward Albee
    absurdist theater at its best. it's like a 20 minute read, but a 3 day stuck in your header