to be clear, I still haven't ruled any of these out
  1. "a great sandwich maker like mom"
    says my baby book
  2. paleontologist
    circa the summer I was nine and read Jurassic Park three times in a row
  3. parapsychologist / monster hunter
    read a lot of Hans Holzer as a preteen, and one particular book about Nessie several times
  4. movie star
    at some point, probably
  5. marine biologist
    because dolphins!
  6. screenwriter
    had a name all picked out for my production company too
  7. history professor
    once a nerd, always a nerd
  8. renowned author of accessible popular nonfiction
    seemed easier than history professor
  9. renowned author of highbrow fiction
    Dwight Garner or nothing, where reviews are concerned