Dressing up is the best! If I were Queen of the world, every day would be dress-up day.
  1. Frankenstein (I think?)
    My brother Russ was "a bum" every year. Note the scruff on his face and patches on his pants.
  2. Witch --almost every Halloween kindergarten through 7th grade and multiple times as an adult (one time scaring the bejeezus out of my daughter at her class party – she didn't recognize me).
  3. Raggedy Ann
    At some Christmas play. I was playing the role of "doll."
  4. Aurelia
    In this scene, Note boy pulling my hair. Note me expressing my displeasure. I am playing an important dramatic role: Aurelia Read Spencer Rogers (1834 – 1922), founder of Primary, the children's organization and official auxiliary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Rogers was also a women's rights activist and suffragette.. Women's rights activist! Suffragette!
  5. Mary (mother of Jesus)
    For "living nativities."
  6. Indian (feather) and cowgirl
    My brother and I played cowboys and Indians a lot
  7. Mermaid
    Dance performance outfit
  8. Pebbles from the Flinstones
  9. A blueberry (bright blue Lycra, '80s, nuff said). Also a smurf!
  10. Flapper
  11. Stuff I made up
    One friend was a mime, another was a prisoner, no idea what I was trying to be (new wave weirdo?). You might think I was on drugs but this was at BYU, before i polluted the temple of my body.
  12. Hippie
    Photo circa 1989 (the bangs were big). Note dashiki, headband, tambourine, moccasins, and customized jeans from Goodwill (with ridiculous sayings, colorful symbols, and patches!). For never having even tasted alcohol at this point, I sure was a wannabe!
  13. Throw a wig on it!
  14. Librarian
    Easy-- wear glasses and a cardigan. Done!
  15. Cat in the Hat
    Had a superplush velvet hat. Wore it to read Dr. Seuss. The hat is gone, the me is sad. I loved you tall, red-and-white striped hat.
  16. Ms. Marcellus Wallace
    Note the hypodermic needle stuck in my chest, the suspiciously white nose, the black leather pants, the hairstyle. Boom!
  17. Um, a cow?
    It was burning man. It was cold. Masks and goggles for the alkaline. Not apparent but the black bob wig is part of this getup. That coat was dope!
  18. Black cat
  19. Ladybug mom
    Did I mention that wigs are fun?
  20. Alice in wonderland
    Joint costume recommendation for someone much taller or smaller than you. Tribute to Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll). Little eat me/drink me props even. Geddit?
  21. Nurse
    My kiddo picked this out for me. I never wore it in public. I don't do slutty costumes. Maybe I should.
  22. Eskimo
  23. Marge Simpson
    Wig! Was better than this photo. Fer reels
  24. Malificent
    Can't tell here but the horns and wings were spectacular.
  25. Beatrix Kiddo