Death is incomprehensible. My daughter's good friend Tom Barnes committed suicide yesterday. Boys he had plans with went to his room to find him hanging. He was alive and got rushed him to the hospital, where he passed. Tom left no note. Not sure how to handle this. Here's my plan, open to input:
  1. Listen
  2. Let your child have their feelings
    These will range from hysterical, to calm, to angry, to sad, to guilty, to numb. All are acceptable
  3. Encourage talking and processing
  4. Encourage reflection (journaling) and rest
  5. Point out resources, like
  6. And
  7. And
    National suicide prevention hotline 800-273-TALK (8225)
  8. Read Elizabeth Kubler Ross and get familiar with the various stages of grief
  9. Do something fun
  10. Remember good times
  11. Listen, listen, listen and be there
  12. Offer lots of hugs
  13. Have favorite, comforting foods around
  14. Make sure your teen can name a few other adults (besides you) that they can reach out to and talk to should they or their friends feel troubled