1. Karl Malone
    Bball great. Probably the tallest person I had ever met when I met him.
  2. Ray Bradbury
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    Twice! He spoke at a dinner at my college and signed my napkin (see unlaundered relic to the right). Spent hours chatting while snowed in at ORD. Quite a conversationalist.
  3. Michael Foot
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    British member of parliament. Socialist. Advocate for nuclear disarmament. Old guy (now deceased). Charmer.
  4. Charlie Sheen
    It was 1991. Amsterdam. He had just gotten out of rehab. 10am Monday morning and his only thought was getting high. Not impressed. People can change in 24 years. Hopefully he has. Doesn't look like it tho. 🙁
  5. Ken Kesey
    Merry prankster. Nor cal beat writer of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. My undergrad thesis advisor Robert Faggen was tight with him so I met him and his wife Faye for dinner when I lived in NYC. Nice folks, even if they had taken too much acid or were aging (now deceased). Charmer for an old dude.
  6. Czeslaw Milosz
    Polish poet. Nobel prize winner. Charmer.
  7. Gloria Steinem
    Gracious. Inspiring.
  8. O. J. Simpson
    At a party in New York. He was smooth. Guess even killers can be charming.
  9. David Duchovny
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    In Vancouver. When he was Fox Mulder in the X-Files. Charmer or sex addict? You decide.
  10. William Gibson
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    Sci-if author extraordinaire. Also an X-Files fan.
  11. Gillian Anderson
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    Way more hip than her Sculley character would lead you to believe.
  12. Chris Farley
    At a RHCP concert. He died two weeks later.
  13. Alanis Morrisette
    The Fillmore, 1995. Surprisingly cool given overnight success.
  14. Donald Trump
    His girlfriend Marla Maples was in the play we saw. Not a real charmer.