My greatest fear is being buried alive. Some MRIs feel like being in a confined coffin ⚰ for an hour while skull-shattering sounds assault you aurally.👂🏼Not exactly fun. Here are some tips to surviving ...
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    Take anti-anxiety medication prior to leaving your house 💊
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    Take Uber or Lyft there because you don't need the added headache & hassle of driving and parking. MRIs suck enough on their own 🚕
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    Close you eyes before they wheel you into the coffin. *Before* 🙈
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    Keep your eyes closed 😎
    As much as you can, for as long as you can. Open them & you're likely to get freaked out about being in such a small space
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    Have fun with the noises
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    Imagine being a baby and learning to say mom; imagine your favorite little kid calling for mum
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    Imagine it's the national emergency broadcast. Keeping things safe
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    You're in a cabinet in in the woods. It's just a woodpecker waking you
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    Gah a-ding-Krat 👾
    You're playing space invaders and winning
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    Ray-a-tat-tat! Ping! Ping! Ping! 🔫
    Yes, it's war. That's gunfire. But you're in a foxhole. A bulletproof bunker. You're safe. Let the bullets fly
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    When all else fails, remember there a reason
    Your doctor order this imaging in order to take a look at what's going on in order to figure out how to help your body. This is a temporary discomfort to get you to a better place physically. Aren't you lucky that you live in a time with such technology?