Bill Brazell is one of the finest humans I have had the pleasure to know. He should be on TheList. Am posting pics from 1998-99 (actual hard copies--remember those?) I found in a shoebox. Disclosure: this is a shameless bid to lure him here so I'll have a friend.
  1. Bill likes to eat. Here he is eating
  2. Once upon a time, Bill and I worked together at a magazine. Our desks were next to each other
  3. We worked long hours. Maybe that's why our eyes are shut here
  4. Bill's shelf didn't have as many books as mine did. Here I am letting him sit at my desk so he feels smarter
  5. So many pictures of us at our desks. No idea why except maybe there was a camera on the desk across from ours (this is pre-smartphones, kids!). Plus, we were Always. Working. At. Our. Desks
  6. My whip whipped writers and editors into shape. I thought it made people take me seriously. Bill found this amusing apparently. Fun fact: Bill is 6'6" but leaning down here!
  7. Our now-defunct magazine had a launch party at the now-defunct Bubble Lounge. We're celebrating with champagne and Stacey Foreman
  8. ... and Jake Ward, whom Bill is looking at suspiciously, no idea why
  9. ... and our coworker Mickey Butts and my neighbor Owen Thomas (who was at at the time?)
  10. Billy-Boy
  11. We work together again, but he is in NYC so I don't see him enough. But we still have fun. Bill is knowledgeable, thoughtful, funny, and generous. My ploy worked! Welcome, @BillBrazell!