From experience.
  1. 50/50, during an eight-mile training run on a treadmill
    Sobbing and sweating, sweating and sobbing.
  2. Gone Girl, alone in a hotel room bed
  3. Sleepers, on a first date
    Yeah, how did we know this particular brand of creepy would be such a date killer? The Internet was much smaller in the late 90s.
  4. More than one of the following in the same sitting: The Sixth Sense, Seven, and/or Twelve Monkeys
    I can't remember which two of these films I watched back-to-back in the basement of my childhood home a decade or so ago. The Venny overlaps are many: numerical titles, plot twists, Pitt freak outs, crazy original art direction and set design. The gripping feeling of unsettledness after watching, however, is best in single doses.
  5. Menace II Society, in a high school World History class (approximately two years after it came out)
    Teacher screened it on one of those classic roll-in TV/VCR carts without facilitating any discussion or making an attempt to bridge the content to the curriculum. He wanted to shut us up, which I get, but it was either a missed opportunity and/or a wrong call.