I don't mean to be difficult, but I don't like this stuff...
  1. Star Wars movies
    I refuse to apologize for this.
  2. Football
    They're always stopping the clock!
  3. Cole slaw
    Why does this even exist?
  4. Air conditioning
    Well, maybe I would like it if it wasn't always set at "Preserving the dead."
  5. Sushi
    Yeah, it's pretty, but nah...
  6. Hummus
    It's made from chickpeas, so how could it be good! No, garlic does not make it edible.
  7. Leggings
    I don't get how people who supposedly hate pantyhose can love leggings so much. They are the same.
  8. Camping
    No. Not ever.
  9. The Walking Dead
    Some people think this shit is real.
  10. Being barefoot
    You never know you might walk on. 😖