Good Charlotte is awesome and if you judge me thank you because IT JUST FUELS MY RAGE
  1. And did you know if you were caught and you were smokin' crack McDonald's wouldn't even wanna take you back You could always just run for mayor of D.C. - Lifestyles of the rich famous
  2. Oh, my love Please don't cry I'll wash my bloody hands and We'll start a new life - My bloody valentine
  3. Hard days made me, hard nights shaped me I don't know, they somehow saved me And I know I'm making something Out of this life they called nothing - The young and the hopeless
  4. Rock and roll! Yeah! Uh! C'mon! Yeah! Uh! Let's go - Walk By
  5. Just because I walk like Obi-Wan Kenobi You people talk, but you don't even know me And that's alright, cuz I get down with GC So I walk on and listen to their cd - The click (2003 re-release bonus track)